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Things to look for when choosing a running shoe

Depth and width of toe box. A good fitting shoe should be relatively ‘roomy’ in the toe box.

A running shoe should be snug and supportive around the middle of the foot. You get a good indication of how well the shoe is fitting by how the laces look. The foot should not overhang the midsole.

Construction of the middle of the shoe. A lot of runners require a bit more structure. This can be a more rigid material underneath the arch of the foot or a high density foam on the medial (inside) of the shoe.

A good fitting and sized shoe should be snug but not tight around the heel. Most shoes will have a ‘heel counter’ to strengthen the back of the shoe. One needs to be ensure however, that this does not press too tightly against the achilles.

Heel to forefoot drop. This is the difference in height of the mid sole between the highest point under the heel and the lowest point at the front of the shoe. A typical running shoe has a 12mm differential. A lower differential is considered to be more ‘natural’ and can help to promote a better foot strike. One has to be careful though about changing this variable too quickly; particularly in a less cushioned shoe.

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