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Free gait analysis available in both our shops, no booking required simply visit us in Marlow or Farnham Common

We pride ourselves in helping our customers find the best running shoe. We believe in a holistic approach to fitting shoes and Video Gait Analysis is an important part of this process

We all move differently and every running style is unique. Some of us run for hours; others just a few minutes. As a result, each runners' footwear requirement is quite different.

Our video gait analysis helps us to identify the best shoe for you. This is only part of the process of getting the best shoe. The fit and sizing is paramount.

The key things we can see from the gait analysis are:

  • Where the foot lands (mid-forefoot or heel)
  • What the foot does on impact (the amount and rate of pronation)

Thinking about running shoe fitting has changed over the years. We always used to only look at how much the foot pronates (rolls in). It's become increasingly clear, however, that this should not be the only parameter when fitting running shoes.

When running, the foot is designed to land on the middle to front. Not the heel. The majority of runners do though land on the heel! We have to therefore make a pragmatic decision on the best shoe for each individual runner.

When we opened, most running shoe brands offered fairly similar models. Now there's a lot of different options. Our video gait analysis and our experience of all types of runners, will hopefully guide you towards the best shoe for you!

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