LEDLENSER MH5 Rechargeable Head Torch Blue




Offering a powerful 400 lumen high power beam the LEDLENSER MH5 head torch has a stunning range of 180 meters. On the low power 20 lumen option, an impressive 35 hour run time is achievable.

As well as the headlamp option the MH5 light head is designed to cleverly detach from its mounting enabling it to be used as a handheld light or, with the integrated stainless steel clip it can also be attached to belts, straps, etc to become a body light.

While the MH5 is supplied with a USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery this can be swapped to a standard AA battery if required. A low battery warning will signal with plenty of time to allow recharging or replacement of the battery.


  • Innovative LED headlamp that can also be used as a handheld torch or body light
  • World renowned Patented Advanced Focusing Optics that focus the beam for flood (near) or spot (distance) illumination
  • Head swivels 60° so light can be directed to where it is most required
  • Low battery warning – warns well in advance that replacement of batteries may soon be require
  • IP54 – High level of protection against dust and water ingression
  • Supplied with 1 x L-ion battery, charging base and usb cable. Compatible with standard AA alkaline battery (not supplied)

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