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A month to go to Marathon day

With just over a month to go to the big spring marathon season it’s worth just spending a bit of time making sure that apart from your running training schedule, all else is in place to ensure you max out your enjoyment on the big day.

Will your running shoes last the distance

The first big decision is, are your shoes going to last the distance of both the last few weeks of maximum mileage plus comfortably getting you round the last 26.2 miles. If you are in any doubt and your training has gone well so far, then don’t risk a worn out shoe. If you are local to our shop, then please pop in and get your shoes checked for wear and support, we are more than happy to help. Many runners will have it in mind to reward their achievement by buying a new pair of shoes after the marathon but think how much more comfort and support you would gain by treating yourself before the big day. That way you will greatly reduce your risk of injury in your hour of maximum need.

Test your nutrition supplements before the big day

So, the next area to look at, if you haven’t already done so is nutrition. The average runner can store 2000 calories worth of glycogen in their bodies, that’s enough fuel for about 18-20 miles of running. That’s when we used to call it, hitting the wall in past times!! Now of course runners can benefit from taking various gels, jellies and powders to get through that fuel debt towards the end of the run. We do however, recommended you try these products before your event as nothing should be left to chance on the actual day. Again, if you visit the shop we have an abundance of products, on which we can offer advice and suggestions how best to carry and how to use these gels etc. Much like the shoes not everybody likes the same thing so try a few then settle on the right one for you.

What to wear

The kit you wear to run in on the day will depend a lot on the weather of course, but again practice some of your longer runs in what you think might be appropriate. For example, if you have a charity vest or anything new, always wash it first to soften the fabrics. Many T’s or vests that have been printed on even with your name, may become harder and less breathable, just make sure nothing is too hot or causes, chafing. Consider and practice with anti-chafe around any parts of your body that move or rub together!!
Just as a point of interest, a dear friend of ours took part in a very hot marathon last year. So dutifully bought some local sunscreen and put it over all exposed skin including head and face. One might have thought very wise, but unfortunately, half way round the runner was forced to stop as their eyes had reacted to the cream and they had virtually been blinded. Just another example of thinking now and trying everything you can before the day.

Finally, check your travel arrangements and accommodation the night before the race. Will you be able to get some breakfast? will there be transport to the start if its early and roads are closed.

Plan now……Race easy

But most of all Enjoy your efforts.

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